Student software company says it will stop using Android in classrooms

The software company that built the Android operating system has announced it will cease using the operating system in classrooms.

Camtek said on Tuesday that it will start using the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) as the platform for its software, which includes apps that help students learn and engage with the technology.

Camtech said that it would continue to offer educational Android apps that students can use, but the decision to stop using the software was made in response to concerns about the impact of the Google Play Store on the educational process.

CamTech said in a blog post that it had started “a new phase of development” in the past few weeks to build software for classrooms, with the goal of “providing a seamless learning experience.”

The company said that the Android platform would be a “key element of our strategy moving forward.”

The decision to end its use of the Android OS comes as Google continues to push the company’s Android platform, as well as other popular open source Android applications, including Google’s Google Assistant, to classrooms.

Google’s goal is to “make it as easy as possible to use Google Assistant on the web” as a way to build an app ecosystem around the AI assistant.

Google has been pushing the company to create apps that can be used by students, which has led to a push by schools to create Android apps.

Google has also been pushing to use the Google Assistant as a central part of learning through Google Play.

Camtec says it has created the software that will replace the Android software that is used by schools, but it will not be the only app that students will be able to use.

The company said it plans to continue to support other popular Android apps, but said that students could use “other Android applications on the platform” if they wanted to.

CamTek’s decision is likely to be welcomed by students who have been disappointed by the Google-designed Play Store for Android.

The Play Store has been a main source of frustration for many students who want to use their devices as their primary computing platform.

Google wants to be able make its app ecosystem easier to use and better integrate with the rest of the mobile ecosystem.

The Play Store is not the only way to get apps that are not available on the Play Store, which is the main app store for Android apps on the market.

Other platforms such as the App Store, Google Play, and Microsoft’s Xbox Marketplace all have their own version of the Play App store.

The software company that built the Android operating system has announced it will cease using the operating system in classrooms.Camtek…