Maya software warns of virus threats to the US media

Updated May 13, 2019 07:11:50 Blue Yeti Software has warned that it may be facing “virus threats” to the media outlets it owns.

The software is currently used by The Associated Press, CNN, The New York Times, USA Today, and more.

The threat, which was first reported by CNN, follows the announcement of a ransomware attack on a major US media company.

Blue Yetis software is the same software that was used to infect the computers of The Associated News in May 2018.

Blue Yeti has previously stated that it is aware of a malicious attack on the systems of several media organizations, and that it has taken steps to protect its customers.

However, it has not disclosed details about the malicious software it has been infected with.

According to the Blue Yetilis software security advisory, it was possible that Blue Yetitys software may be vulnerable to malicious software.

The security advisory was published on the BlueYeti website on Thursday.

The advisory has been shared with a handful of other antivirus programs and social media platforms.

It specifically warns of ransomware attacks on the accounts of several US news organizations.

The Blue Yetits software security warning warns that it could be infected with a Trojan, which could cause a remote access Trojan to execute remotely on a target computer.

The virus would then delete files, including important files such as social media files, photos, videos, and email.

Blue yetis software could also cause the software to install additional malware, the advisory says.

It was not immediately clear how many Blue Yetiscure clients were affected.

A company representative said in a statement that Blue yetis is currently investigating the issue and is working with our security team to resolve the issue.

The AP and the NYT both issued separate statements about the ransomware threat.

The AP also said that the AP was in contact with the Blue yeti security team.

The NYT said that Blueyetis was investigating the malware threat and that its customers are “being urged to avoid clicking on links to any pages containing links to the site.

Blue yetitys website has been updated to reflect this.

We have alerted our newsroom to this.

The company is working to address the issue as quickly as possible and we will update this article when we know more.”

In a tweet, the NYT said, Blue yetiscure is a “great tool for protecting your business from malware threats.”

“But it also does more than protect your business,” the NYT continued.

“We know that cybercriminals use ransomware as a way to extort money from businesses in order to commit the most heinous crimes.

It’s an insidious and deadly form of extortion.”

Updated May 13, 2019 07:11:50 Blue Yeti Software has warned that it may be facing “virus threats” to the media…