Writer job openings posted online as job seekers scramble to find jobs

JERUSALEM — Israeli employers are posting job openings for software engineers and software engineers are taking advantage of the online posting system, a sign of how far the country has come in developing a workforce for a new era of computing.

Some jobs posted online this week have included programmers and computer-literate specialists, software developers, data analysts and database designers.

The postings are for software engineer jobs that require knowledge of databases and programming languages.

The job postings were posted by the country’s software industry, Israel Software, a group of companies and individuals that develops and markets software and has developed programs to help Israelis get their work done.

“We want to be an open country, open for everyone,” said Israel Software’s chief executive officer, Yehuda Stern.

“The reason we’re posting is that the software industry is doing very well.

They are creating jobs for Israelis.

They have a big future ahead of them.”

For years, Israel has relied heavily on technology, from high-tech machinery to military hardware, for the countrys economic growth.

As the economy has grown, Israeli employers have hired more and more workers to help them keep up with the demand.

Since Israel began using computers in the early 1990s, Israel’s employment rate has soared from around 40 percent to about 60 percent.

But in recent years, the unemployment rate has steadily crept higher, even as the country, once the world’s most tech-savvy nation, has been slow to embrace the technology.

Israel Software is part of the Israeli Software Alliance, an association of software developers and computer scientists, that works to promote the use of computers in everything from the economy to the healthcare system.

Its chief executive, Stern, said the group is posting jobs for software developers for software development, as well as for other areas.

We want people who have skills to make sure the system is working and to make it safe, he said.

While some Israeli employers are hiring software engineers, others are hiring other jobs.

The jobs include information technology professionals, software designers and computer engineers, Stern said.

In addition to posting jobs, Stern is inviting people to submit applications for the software developer positions, which are currently open, Stern added.

For more information, visit IsraelSoftware.org.

JERUSALEM — Israeli employers are posting job openings for software engineers and software engineers are taking advantage of the online…