Apple iPhone XS Max review: A big upgrade over iPhone XC review

Apple just rolled out a major update to the iPhone X, and we’ve got our hands on the XS version of the phone to give you an update on what to expect.

The iPhone Xs Max, which we’re calling the Max for simplicity’s sake, is an upgrade over the original iPhone X in almost every way.

It’s thinner, lighter, has a better camera, better battery life, better camera performance, and faster LTE.

And it looks amazing.

It’s the same spec, but it’s more powerful, too.

Apple’s new Max is about twice the size of the original model, and the new design features an entirely new battery and design, as well as some notable design changes.

While we didn’t receive an iPhone X for review, it looks to be a more powerful iPhone than the iPhone 7 Plus.

The Max features a new “triple layer” design that extends from the display to the back of the device, and includes a 5.7-inch Retina OLED display, along with a new 12MP rear camera with a Sony IMX214 sensor.

Apple says it’s the first iPhone to have this technology.

The new camera features a larger 1.3μm pixel size.

As for the camera performance?

It’s up there with the iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 in the camera department, but this one does a better job of capturing the beauty of the day.

It also has a larger f/1.8 aperture than its predecessor, and Apple says its phase detection autofocus is better than before.

The Max has an improved camera sensor, too, and it’s able to record up to 60 frames per second, a big improvement over the old camera.

The iPhone X has an f/2.0 aperture, which can produce higher resolution photos.

But the Max’s camera has an aperture of f/4.0, which gives it better depth of field.

Apple says it also improved the camera’s image stabilization.

And the Max has a faster CPU and GPU than the original.

Apple has improved the battery life of the Max, too: the iPhone Max now offers a 12,000mAh battery.

The phone itself is now the first Apple phone to come with that capacity.

The new Max also comes with an upgraded camera app, Apple Photo Stream, as we mentioned above.

It lets you shoot images and videos at up to 120fps in full resolution and 1080p in the full HD version, as the name suggests.

Apple is also including a new Siri Remote app, which lets you control the phone using voice commands, such as “Take a photo of your new carpet.”

The Max comes with a 5GB RAM upgrade, which should mean the phone can do a lot more than just take pictures.

It’ll also come with 4GB RAM, which is a significant jump over the 2GB RAM that’s found in the iPhone 5s and 6s.

The upgrade is good news for those who’ve been longing for a faster iPhone, as it means the phone will be able to take more photos and videos.

But it also means the iPhone can do things like multitask faster, as long as it’s not too taxing on the battery.

The phone has a bigger screen than the new iPhone X. We have no way of telling what the size difference is, but the iPhone is now 4.7 inches on the left, and 5.5 inches on our right.

If we’re not mistaken, the iPhone has a much bigger display than the previous iPhone X (5.5-inch vs. 5.3-inch).

It also comes in a larger, 11.7mm-wide version.

It can be seen in this shot below.

The display on the Max is also noticeably brighter than the old iPhone X: It’s now a very bright LED LCD display with a wide viewing angle.

The display is the same color, too; it’s just slightly brighter.

The Pixel XL also has the same display, but that model is not the iPhone’s sibling.

The screen on the iPhone 8 is also a bit brighter than on the previous XS, but we’re pretty sure it’s still the same brightness as the old XS.

It might be the same as the display on other iPhones, but I’m not entirely sure, as that’s one of the many design elements Apple has to look out for with the new phones.

As you might expect, the phone comes in two colors: white and blue.

And if you’re one of those people who loves the color blue, you’ll be pleased to know that the Max comes in both of those colors.

The battery of the iPhone Plus was a big part of the new iPhones success.

It had a good battery life and performance, too — and it didn’t cost as much as the new Max does.

The battery on the new model is 5,600mAh, and that’s a massive upgrade over previous iPhones.

The XS model is only slightly smaller than the X

Apple just rolled out a major update to the iPhone X, and we’ve got our hands on the XS version…