Microsoft unveils the new Surface Studio and Surface Studio Pro products, the first tablet to have a kickstand

Microsoft announced today that the Surface Studio (previously known as the Surface Pro) is now available to pre-order.

Surface Studio comes with a new Intel Core i5 processor and an 8GB RAM, along with a 16GB hard drive.

Surface Pro also comes with 8GB of RAM and a 16-inch display.

Microsoft’s Surface Studio also supports the Windows 10 Creators Update, as well as the Windows Hello facial recognition technology.

Microsoft also announced the Surface Book, the tablet with a touch display and stylus, which it describes as “the best all-in-one PC that you can buy today.”

The Surface Book is a tablet with the same size, but comes with an Intel Core m5 processor, 128GB of storage, and a 4K display.

The Surface Pro is now also available.

Microsoft is offering the Surface Books in three colors: Blue, Gold, and Red.

The colors are available in sizes up to 14.6 inches and will retail for $499.99.

Microsoft will also begin selling a new Surface Pen for $99 in November.

The Pen has a USB Type-C port, allowing for pen-like functions like writing, drawing, and drawing notes.

Microsoft is also offering a USB-C Type-A port, which is compatible with all Type-F USB-A adapters.

Microsoft’s Surface Book also supports a “touch-enabled” design, which can support touchscreens and touchscanners.

Microsoft said that the “touch enabled” design allows users to make gestures, pinch, and drag gestures, among other gestures, to control the device.

The company said that users can use the Surface Pen to track the orientation of the Surface, for example, and use it to control Surface Pen and the Surface Dock.

The “touch ready” design is also compatible with Apple’s new MacBook Pro, Surface Pro, and Surface Book.

Microsoft has also said that “touchready” models will be available by the end of the year.

The Surface Book and Surface Pro are also available for pre-orders.

Microsoft has already started shipping pre-installed versions of Windows 10 for Windows 10 Pro.

The pre-ordering process for Surface Pro includes a free 10GB of Microsoft cloud storage, an option that allows users of the Windows Pro version to also get access to the new 10GB.

Microsoft isn’t saying much about what Microsoft is selling in the pre-sales.

For now, Microsoft is saying that Surface Studio will ship in September.

Microsoft also said in October that it plans to launch a new tablet, the Surface Mini, in late November.

Microsoft announced today that the Surface Studio (previously known as the Surface Pro) is now available to pre-order.Surface Studio comes…