The real reason you’re still waiting for your Apple Watch

When Apple unveiled the Apple Watch, many people immediately took notice.

But is the gadget worth it?

Apple Watch is designed to be an upgrade over the iPhone, the company’s flagship smartphone.

The device is a stylish, stylish watch, a smartwatch, a fitness tracker, a music player, a camera, and more.

It’s a big-screened watch that is a smart watch.

So why is it still so hard to buy one?

Read moreApple’s new Watch comes with a bunch of cool new features, like Siri and Apple Pay.

It has a built-in camera that can capture a video and share it with other people on your phone.

But the Watch does most of its magic on its display.

You can view apps, send emails, and send messages from your watch.

But you can also do a lot more with the watch, too.

It can be used as a fitness tracker, a home monitor, a video camera, a calendar app, and so on.

For example, Apple has a “calendar app” for you to add appointments, create reminders, and even add photos to your calendar.

The Watch also has its own built-on apps.

You can do things like send photos to a friend or check the weather.

And when you want to set your watch to automatically start a timer when it detects motion, the Apple app can do that too.

Apple’s software lets you create and share your own apps with others.

But these are not the only apps available on the Watch.

There’s also an app for making voice memos and sharing them with your friends.

And finally, the Watch comes equipped with an impressive set of camera features, including HDR (high dynamic range), a new burst mode, a new HDR-enabled video camera for selfies, and a new FaceTime camera for video calls.

It’s a smart wearable with a smart camera, all at once.

Apple has been working hard to bring this new technology to its Watch for some time.

But it seems like we are finally starting to see the first fruits of the Watch’s labor.

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When Apple unveiled the Apple Watch, many people immediately took notice.But is the gadget worth it?Apple Watch is designed to…