‘We are not going to let Israel off the hook’: Palestinians in Gaza take to Twitter to express support for Hamas

A Palestinian woman in Gaza takes a selfie with her phone as she sits on a street in Gaza City on October 20, 2016, as the Palestinian Authority (PA) government in Gaza continues to deny its security forces had carried out the alleged kidnapping and killing of four Israeli soldiers.

http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-490168,00.html Gaza Strip: Gaza police detain a man after he allegedly stabbed two Palestinian civilians in the central Gaza Strip.

The Palestinian Health Ministry said in a statement that a man was detained at al-Mughrabi in Gaza after he was shot at in the southern city of Rafah.

The statement said that two civilians were wounded.

An earlier statement from the Palestinian Health ministry said the suspect, named as Abdelrahman al-Fajar, was shot after stabbing two Palestinians in the area.

Al-Famajar was detained and taken to the central Gazan city of Khan Younis for questioning, the statement said.

Al Amal, an activist group that monitors the conflict in the Gaza Strip, said the incident was the first time since the start of the Israeli assault on Gaza in summer 2014 that a Palestinian civilian was killed by an Israeli military operation.

http:/ /news.yahoo.com/?id=824396048&ei=y_p_h&source=nytimes&pg=PA&f=false&ts=gx The Palestinian health ministry said that four Israeli servicemen were wounded on October 21, including one in his legs, and three others in their arms and legs.

On October 20 the Health Ministry released a video of the wounded soldier, who was taken to a hospital in Gaza for treatment.

The incident comes a day after Israeli forces shot dead a man in the northern West Bank city of Hebron.

The army said that it had detained the man in an operation in Hebron’s Silwan neighborhood.

The military said it would not confirm the man’s identity, but added that he was in his twenties and was wanted for questioning in the shooting.

On October 20 Israel launched an offensive in the West Bank, with troops raiding homes, firing on civilians, and firing live ammunition, killing several people and wounding scores.

A Palestinian man walks through a burnt-out neighborhood in Gaza Strip city on October 19, 2016.

Israeli forces fired live ammunition on Palestinians, killing a 17-year-old boy, in the town of Kafr Nablus, in southern Gaza Strip that Israeli soldiers said they had raided to arrest a suspected militant.

http:\/\/www.bbc.com\/s_content\/programmes\/live-fire-tv-sunday-shows\/shows-live-air/shows-news-bbc-livefire-livetv-1.8790788 The Israeli military said in October it had killed two Palestinian militants in the occupied West Bank and the Gaza strip, as well as wounded two others.

The Israeli army said it shot dead two Palestinians during a raid in the eastern Gaza Strip on October 15.

It said one of the militants had opened fire at Israeli troops and that they responded with live ammunition.

An Israeli soldier stands guard at a checkpoint near the entrance to the al-Khalil refugee camp in Gaza, October 19.

The IDF said on October 16 that an Israeli soldier was killed in the al-‘Aqsa Mosque compound in Jerusalem, while another was wounded in the city of Netivot.

Israeli media reported that the soldier was a civilian, but the IDF said he was killed as a result of a suicide attack.

The army said on its website that a suicide bomber struck a bus carrying soldiers at the entrance of the al ‘AqSA mosque compound in east Jerusalem.

It did not immediately provide further details.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office said that Netanyahu had ordered troops to open fire on a bus that was carrying soldiers.

The attack occurred on the morning of October 16.

It has been blamed by Palestinian leaders on a suicide cell linked to Hamas.

The Jerusalem Post reported that two other soldiers were wounded in a different incident on October 17 in which one soldier was shot in the head and one in the shoulder by two Palestinians.

An IDF spokesman said on Saturday that soldiers opened fire after one of them fired on a group of militants near the al al-Aqres mosque compound.

The Palestinian media reported on Friday that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas had sent a letter to Prime Minister Netanyahu and the IDF requesting the IDF to open the al Quds mosque compound, the site of the Temple Mount where the Al Aqsa mosque is located.

He said that Abbas had instructed the Israeli security forces to open al Qudsa and to use all the necessary force to protect the sacred site.

The al-Quds mosque was built in the 19th century by Jews as a mosque in

A Palestinian woman in Gaza takes a selfie with her phone as she sits on a street in Gaza City…