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KUKOO MULTIMEDIA, we are a coming of age Digital Marketing Agency in Bangalore, India. Our USP is that we understand our clients as they are our friends. However, with our friendly atmosphere and professional work ethics blend together, we are known to synthesis "Happiness" as a product to our customers.

KUKOO MULTIMEDIA is mainly known for targeting start-ups and small businesses by helping them build their brand from scratch. 20+ enthusiasts team members consisting of experts in Graphic Designing, UI/UX Design , Digital Marketing, Content Writing, Influencers and let's not forget about our young interns who particiapte equally in all our projects.


Low on budget? No worries.
We have packages for all types of businesses to cater your needs in market. We also provide an option where you only pay for the particular service you requested.

Our Stratergy

We create Digital campaigns which are ROI based which target to get you leads and new customers. To further add, our team will study your business and customer profile. Hence, after studying and ananalysing the market we provide solutions.

Creating Creative Content - Done with love!

We are creating people-centric content. With full of talented, enthusiastic f olks who enjoy coming to work every day. Our family consists of geeks, Designers, Developers and students who are passionate about efficiency and work.

Short on time?

We know we are all on short on time, that's why we have designed quick layout about us and our services.

KUKOO MULTIMEDIA, an Institute on it's own

"Kukoo Multimedia" is a trailblazer; an institute which innovated something for the very first time in the Digital Marketing and IT industry.

This platform offers wide range of courses for those individuals who want to purse their dreams of having a career in IT and also helps those who want to take freelancing work as it provides software based programs for better understanding and easy and effective learning courses.

The courses include Digital Marketing, Web Designing, Graphic Designing, Python, Java, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and IELTS Coaching.

Although in this generation we individuals have knowledge about these courses and its importance based on any field let me summarise its main vision for your great advantage.

To enquire more about our courses , kindly click on : KUKOO MULTIMEDIA INSTITUTE



SEO is lengthy process which needs consistent work and devotion. 30 to 60 to 90 Days is a timeline alloted to SEO to start showing results. We follow strict white hat technique because 60% of traffic ratio is generated organically. Therefore, investing in SEO should be a top-priority for everyone.


We design a stratergy in such a way that ONLY people who are interested in your product or service come to you. We have created endless campaigns on all social media platforms to generate genuine leads in bulk for our client

UI/UX Design

Our Design Team is a bridge between our customer and their digital presence.We dont shy away from offering our services irrespective of the platform. For example: Website, Mobile Application, Social Media Campaign or even an Ad banner.

Digital Marketing

Give our team of Digital Marketers a buzz and get a designed proto for campaign that will sky-rocket your brand. KUKOO MULTIMEDIA is a professional marketing company in Bangalore, India that can take care of all digital marketing solutions for your brand, be it designs, PPC Campaign, content writing, Google Ads, SEM or Social Media Stratergy.


We believe you need not connect with people, you need to connect with the ones who are INTERESTED in your brand . Our Team will study the market by practicing competititve analysis and provide you with the right stratergy to enhance your business profile.

Content Writing

Our hand-picked team of content writers follow only one mantra, " CONTENT THAT WALKS, TALKS & SELLS FOR YOU ".
At KUKOO MULTIMEDIA, we are well aware of art of connecting written words by transforming them into textual ornamentation that acts a bridge between your clients and brand by convinicng them that you are all they need.

Why choose us?


All our clients experience a positive affter effect on ROI within the short span of time. we bellieve in facts . Therefore, we will show the success measured by KPI's. We value your hard earned money . Hence, we offer complimentry services for each business package offered.


We know time is money and money is businness , as a consequence we set deadlines of submission which is realistic to both , us and our clients. However, there have been projects where we were required to work around the clock and we are ready to work again in future as per our clients requirement. Lastly, we keep communicating with our clients by providing updates about the progress and the launch date of project decided.

Everything under one -roof!

From creating your website from scratch to promoting it on the internet. We are there to take care of everything because we have all the services in our list . We are a firm which provides vast services; some of our services are SEO, SEM, CMS Development, Web Development , E-commerce Development and Mobile App Development.






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“It’s only after you’ve stepped outside your comfort zone that you begin to change, grow, and transform.

Mr. Sandeepan Rijal , a young achiever ahead of time has established his name in the field of Education and Marketing.
Our Founder comes from a land-locked country with beautiful terrain, "Nepal". Mr. Rijal's family expanded their horizons and moved to India where they reached greater heights. Sandeepan completed his schooling from DehraDun ( also known as the education capital of India). Mr. Rijal decided to study further in their feild of Animation and succesfuly completed his degree from ARENA, Delhi.

Mr. Rijal knew his passion can't be limited to mainstream idea of life by start working from 9 to 5. Therefore, KUKOO MULTIMEDIA was given birth.

Despite his skills and accomplishments, He believed in mantra of always giving even if you have little , do give. Mr. Rijal particiapted in plethora of NGO Drives. Most recognized work in field of NGO of Mr. Rijal is Environment drive and cleaning of local water bodies of uttarakhand.

If this is not enough, then you will be awe-struck to know Mr. Rijal has also starred in TV series.

You can follow our founder on various social platforms to know about him or e-mail us on [email protected]

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This founder of ours is known to be camera shy, if you want to talk to him then you might want to knock our office door. Mr. Phawat has always been a globe-trotter, he started his journey from Dubai . In Dubai , as a Kid he always had passion for business, commerce and trade but he wanted to integrate technology with business. Hence , He pursued two degrees, one in Arts and one in Engineering . He pursued his further enginering studies in London. Mr. Phawat became independent while studying as he believed in not taking any financial aid from family.

Just like our another founder, Phawat decided to give back to society by doing voulenteer work for KEEN society for disabled kids and elderly. During his NGO work, Phawat was offered a part-time job for teaching. Hence, establishing an institute became a priority for him. Mr. Rijal came along and executed the idea successfuly.

As time passed by, Phawat decided to enhance his knlowdge more and more...Therefore, He went on to becoming a Full stack developer and gradually became a Data Scientist.

Phawat idealizes the moto, "Knowledge always helps maybe it wont help today but it will eventually help in your near-future"

Apart from passion for education and business, Mr. Phawat at an early-age became model for companies like Head & Shoulders and FLC in Dubai.

Welcome our new team members

Christopher Abraham

Content creator

Sushant Bhatta

Content Writer

Tanya Hariharan

Digital Marketing Executive

Deep Rai

UI/UX Designer

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