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Is Your Brand Crown Starting To Feel Heavy?

By Tia 24 June, 2019

In today's time, marketers decorate their content as the primary source for making their audience content. When Bill Gates, in 1996, famously quoted "Content is King", the mantra became staled with the digitalization that followed.

A wondrous King lives to ensure the well-being of his people, to make the kingdom come. In our world, Digital Media is rapidly growing. As a marketer and a caretaker of your brand, you may have left no stones unturned to deliver the right content to your people. Yet, you're not able to win them over.

Do You Wonder Why?

Nowadays, the majority of content aims at gaining followers and "likes" to solely accessorize a brand's social media presence, in hope of gaining conversions.

The golden rule to drive a successful content is to tell your brand's story and not merely your product or service's backdrop that you are desperate to sell

Kukoo Multimedia has a team of content writers who are adept at storytelling. Therefore, all you have to do is sit back and tell us why you started and we'll deliver why you are here to stay.

graphic designing course

Why Graphic Designing?

By Sadgun Rizal, August 6, 2019

Graphic design pertains to the many disciplines which concentrate on the visual facet of communication and presentation. A wide range of methods are used collectively or individually to make visual presentations which enables messages or ideas to be given. Typography, visual arts and page design are a few fields that let a picture designer to do his job. Graphic design is used to denote the process and the outcome. Promotion, magazines, product packaging and web design are fields that rely on picture designers for their visual pictures. Logos, artwork, organized text along with other variations like shapes and colors are all areas which come under graphic designing.

The essentials of picture layout are not new to us and have been part of us because the days of cave paintings. This became a more advanced and incredibly technical type of art since the dawn of the computer aided picture design came into being. What's accomplished by graphic design is the organizing of thoughts, language and info to an orderly design that communicates a particular term. It tries to communicate or transfer information while being exceptionally attractive visually and exceptionally readable. Creation and production of digital images allowed the graphic designers to be quick in generating the work needed on a regular basis.

The computer is the simplest way to explore numerous disciplines which are utilized in the creative process. The fact that there are limitless selections to aid graphic design doesn't mean that the final product will be good. The best designs often arise from the designer himself that uses all the options available to him in order to receive across his message. The usage of computers in the mid eighties and the advent of desktop publishing together with applications apps brought out an entire new generation of artists that mostly based their designs on digital pictures. The effects which were added to a project might be seen instantly and changed accordingly.

Nevertheless, traditional approaches like pencil drawings and markers continue to be used to design and developing thoughts before going on to the computer. This is a part and parcel of the creative procedure which enables graphic designers to utilize digital images in creating the end item from the first sketches done. Typography, page design and interface designing are all realized with electronic imaging that gives immense freedom to the designer inside the parameters set by software. Even with these limits there's enough scope for creativity in these areas for picture designers and that is what ultimately will define them as musicians in this field.

For more information about pursuing Graphic Designing contact us!

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UNDERDOG TO UNDEFEATED - Story of every fresher

By Vinita Kumari, August 22, 2019

It is always those little things that matter in life which we knowingly or unknowingly consider a waste of time in this fast running world. We assume that you must be an introvert or an extrovert or may be an ambivert. You may be a student full of dreams or a successful graduate or a working professional. Motto here is to bridge the gap between "where you want to be" and "where you are now". Kukoo multimedia knows it all as we all have been at that place.

Worrying about career is something that we are taught since school days. It is something an early teen to a person in late 30s can go through. You could be having technical skills, filling forms and applying where not, reading all sorts of dos and don’ts, asking an expert's advice and never ending task of making resumes. Having a degree in your hand but not a single job offer after all those years of hard work can put serious question to your self-esteem. We believe everyone has potential and all they need is that "spark". Did you ever pay attention to the way you communicate from a job recruiter's perspective? You can shorten the journey between call letter to offer letter by making simple practices that helps you build communication skills. One day at a time. "It is easy and I am going to master this skill" - Speaking your mind off loud and clear has gotten the ability to shrink those negative vibes you radiate. After all everything you say or do adds to your personality, so why not start there ? Team kukoo supports you. We take care of each student on personal level.

Apart from multiple rounds that includes aptitude test, group discussions, technical and HR rounds in the process of getting hired, one place where many of us lack is the ability to communicate in proper English language with confidence. But don't you worry dear ! because Kukoo multimedia has your back ! We promise you that we will help you gain that confidence and lose that fear of uncertainty. One thing that we assure you is making impressions by speaking fluent English will be a reality. Look nowhere else because we listen, understand and note to guide you to improve until you are interview-ready ! Our grooming sessions are working closely. Take a step towards this and go from underdog to undefeated. Enroll now !

graphic designing course

That struggle story

By Vinita Kumari, August 29, 2019

I stay where there is no luxury of world class higher education and infinite job opportunities in IT field. I hail from Orissa. Bangalore is known as Silicon Valley of India. What better place can I think of for education in IT industry ? Out of all the cities, Bangalore is the only one that offers innovation, productivity, growth and employment, contributing to a country’s competitiveness by introducing unique entrepreneurial ecosystem, which supports and promotes technology start-ups. I am an enthusiast when it comes to coding and technology. This city has everything that favours budding techie like me.

There near my native people hardly know about computers in general. They do not know about what we humans can make machines and networking do together using our intelligence. People there can get excited just by simple technological things like online money transfer but at the same time they also believe that these petty electronic devices are for fools. They do not know the essence of smartphones that keeps the “world” just a touch away. I do not belong to this kind of environment. My obstacles doesn't stop here though. Because of regressive mindset citizens here do not have access to today’s gold - “information”. And this itself tells how critically backward we are in the 21st century.

I am here to change the mindset of people there. I want to prove how powerful one can be in this digital era. I want them to know everything from “how to turn on a computer device” to “how can we predict future using artificial intelligence and machine learning.'' With progressive and strong perseverance I can cast some light and spread awareness. I dream of starting with own simple projects for social cause to taking the ladder at the foot of a team that contributes towards smart city. This is what I came here for - this long term goal, dedicating my life to technology. I see Bangalore welcoming aspirants like me.

Bangalore, is known to have brought India on the world’s software map. It houses several big players in technology and services such as Goldman Sachs, Bosch, Hitachi, IBM, Cisco, HP as well as India-based giants like Tata, Infosys, and Wipro.
With 40 percent of India’s IT industry located in Bangalore, the city is among the most favored destination for IT and other knowledge-based industries. Some of the major IT parks in Bangalore are Integrated Hitech Software Park, International Tech Park Ltd., Prestige Tech Park, Safina Software Technology Park, Salarpuria Infinity, Brigade Tech Park, Manyata Tech Park, and Bagmane Tech Park.
Thousands of candidates move to the IT capital every year from different parts of India and neighbouring countries for pursuing the degree courses in engineering & other fields of education. I want to pursue engineering in Computer Science field from a well reputed college - MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology. I’ve heard a lot about it. I gave my CET entrance exam and secured a seat in that college by achieving Rank 98 out of 1.5 lakhs students. I was on cloud nine when my results came out. I worked so hard because I couldn’t wait to experience an environment where there’s classroom full of technology freaks, hospitable infrastructure, new innovations, experimenting minds, latest project driven work life along with some best circle of friends and memories.

How branding can help your business

Magic of branding

By Rajshree S., September 5, 2019

Magic of Branding

What is branding? Why is it essential to our business? How does it benefit our company or business? When is it required? Where can it be used?
Are few of the pondering questions running through the curious minds of todays millennials.

Some of the entities are unaware of the magic created by branding in boosting their company or individual profiles. This is only because most magnates disregard the benefits and the magical imprints produced by branding.
Let us understand what branding entails and why it is crucial to your business in layman terms. Branding is nothing but how eminent and reputable your company, business or individual profile is. One can set the company apart by acclimating to distinct company name, logo, web portal, marketing strategies, unique products or services and much more.
In today’s business fad trendblazers are contemplating to building their business or company around branding. It has been popularized to set a clear goal in terms of business growth, revenue generation, building reputation or lead generation. People are very cognizant about how they are perceived in the society; simple and less mystifying is that when they are associated with a brand that is established in the industry or domain it is presumed:

      1.Higher Quality Assurance - Superiority of the service or product offered is considered to be exceptional.
      2.Virtuous Reputation- when you associate with a known brand your reputation escalates as well
      3.Social Economic Status – Their business status is categorized
      Investment Security - People often feel secure when they give business or invest in a product to a reputable company rather than unknown brand.
      4.Competitor Analysis: Companies can set themselves apart from their competitors to attract more business
Hence, branding is considered as a weaponizer to enhance your company growth or business identity.

skill vs degree

Skills VS Degree

By Larika V, September 7, 2019

Skills VS degree is a very debatable topic, however, lets first get an idea of ‘what exactly does a degree mean?'. A degree is an authenticate certificate that portrays that the person applying for the post is having the knowledge of the work and has the ability to manage the functioning and justify the post. On the other hand, Skill is an abstract term which cannot be evaluated on the bits of paper. It is a broad spectrum which is groomed within the individual and nurtured through the repeated practical implications in life.

Which is more important?

Welcome to the tech and coding age where new skills sets develop and the previous ones fade away in no time. Such is the age when the need for the workforce who can handle complex situations, outside the jurisdiction of education, has increased manifold. Skilled employees who learn new skill sets and can evolve at lightning speed mark the need of the hour. Does that mean that education is absolutely futile? The answer is ambiguous. One cannot rule out the necessity of having a degree in hand. But considering the volatile and ever-evolving market, the demand for skill sets has definitely overpowered the basic education needs.
“ Not everyone who is educated is skilled”
In a multi-national company people who just know the principles of management cannot be a manager. He/she needs to be able to apply and implement it whenever it's required. I would personally say in the evolving world it is the SKILLS that matter the most to survive and get jobs in top companies like Apple, Google etc.
So are you guys ready to upskill your attitude, skills and knowledge? We kukoo family are here to upgrade you and mould you into a person with better skills and knowledge, we offer you a comprehensive course to become a professional. Visit to get skilled.

Kukoo Multimedia

We as KUKOO , our prime focus is to guide people towards their brighter future, no matter what background you come from, we believe no sky is the limit, therefore KUKOO MULTIMEDIA is an institute which takes you to a step closer to your Passion per say.
In a world where we are going digital, KUKOO MULTIMEDIA Institute is a trailblazer in the Digital Marketing & IT industry by offering tailormade courses for every individual who wishes to thrive in their career.

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